Pocket Change

Often times you get caught up in the here and now of your circumstances. You make decisions based on where you are in hopes that you won’t end up back where you have been. You don’t truly calculate the cost of acting in haste. You tell yourself that you will never do “that” again, and you are sick and tired of being down and out. Without even making a plan you move or act, and then you fail AGAIN.

Coming from someone who has been right there, take the time to think your next move through. Whether it’s moving from your current living situation, leaving your place of employment, purchasing that car with a note, having cable connected, increasing your plan on your cell phone, or splurging on that pair of shoes you had your eye on for weeks. Plan it out! Failure to plan is a definite plan to fail.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

From: Your Voice of Reason

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