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Who Are You Really???

You wake up in the morning and you start your day just like any other day, except today is the day after you were told “Unfortunately, we are currently unable to extend you any credit due to a delinquency or negative activity in your credit history…..”.  You think to yourself, “I don’t even know what negative history they’re talking about…”, but you dismiss it and go on with your life as if nothing happened.  Oh but something happened indeed!  You don’t know what’s on your credit report.  You don’t know what’s on your credit report???

This is a challenge that many people face on a daily basis, rejection from obtaining everyday items.  Things like cars, homes, electronics, and more are withheld from people that need them the most  All because no one explained to you how to get your credit report and how to correct the items on it.  Well, wait no longer……the calvary is here!  You absolutely need to know what creditors see about you.  And guess what………ITS TOTALLY FREE!!!!!

Credit is like your reputation coming in the room before you and everyone judging you based on the totality of only your past, regardless of who you might be today.  Well, if you want your reputation to be spotless or very positive, you have to do some clean up or corrections to make sure they see you how you want them to.  So you start by grabbing a free copy of your credit report either from or  and sit down and verify what’s on it.  If there are unpaid debts there, be sure to create a plan for repayment.  This might mean paying on those that have the highest interest rates first then working your way down.  Oh but that’s a whole other blog post…….

So, lets review…….know who you are to the public by creating who you want to be on your credit report.  Did I say that right????  Do you know who creditors think you are?  Who are you really?  Now go show me!!!!

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Pocket Change

Often times you get caught up in the here and now of your circumstances. You make decisions based on where you are in hopes that you won’t end up back where you have been. You don’t truly calculate the cost of acting in haste. You tell yourself that you will never do “that” again, and you are sick and tired of being down and out. Without even making a plan you move or act, and then you fail AGAIN.

Coming from someone who has been right there, take the time to think your next move through. Whether it’s moving from your current living situation, leaving your place of employment, purchasing that car with a note, having cable connected, increasing your plan on your cell phone, or splurging on that pair of shoes you had your eye on for weeks. Plan it out! Failure to plan is a definite plan to fail.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

From: Your Voice of Reason